Create your own wiki

Create your own educational wiki at one of the following sites:

Here is a list of possibilities:
  • Develop a wiki for your classroom.You could utilize the site to communicate to parents and students about your classroom.
  • Develop an wiki with guidelines for creating an assignment (vary similiar to this wiki) You could even use your scavenger hunt as part of the wiki
  • Use a wiki for students to journalize. Remember you make the wiki password protected so that only your students could get to it.
  • Develop a wiki with links to various resourses for other teachers
  • Or be creative with another idea for educational use.


At least 2 pages to your wiki
Add some type of image, file or "widget" such as a video, or calendar.

Send an email to the instructor with a link to your Wiki

When you are finished, send an email to me with a link to your Wiki address. Have fun and be creative!